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    Why I took my 7yr old to see Beyonce’s Formation World Tour

    Kennedi turned 7yrs old this month. Last year I promised her when Beyoncé toured again, I would try my best to make sure we were in the building.

    When Beyoncé announced she was touring again, I hurried and snatched up tickets during presale to the nearest city, which happened to be Minnesota.

    Taking Kennedi to see Queen Bey was more than just a promised. I wanted Kennedi to experience “greatest” live.

    Beyoncé is a real artist, and she represents much more than entertainment. She is a prime example of hard work and determination. I want Kennedi to know that she can do and be whatever she chooses in this world. I want her to understand her journey may not always be quick and easy, but if she practices patience and keeps a positive outlook, she will go far in her life. As a mother, I want to introduce and surround Kennedi with excellent references of strong black women such as myself and Beyoncé. I want her to appreciate sisterhood and find inspiration from people doing great things in this world, so one day she can do the same. I pray that she’ll be open-minded and well-rounded as she grows into a young lady. My goal is to teach Kennedi to respect her worth and demand nothing less. I’m not naive to the fact that there will be many influences in her life that I’ll have no control of, but I’m a firm believer that it all starts with the foundation of the home. If she happens to get lost in life, she will always found her way home, where it all started.

    Thank you, Queen Bey, for helping me make memories with my little one. She had the time of her life. Her eyes lit up with joy as she sang along to her favorites jams. We enjoyed every second minus the short storm delay!

    Check us out here!!

    But like the saying goes
    No matter how long the rain last, there will always be a rainbow in the end

    Beyoncé was that rainbow, and it was beautiful!! 🐝🐝


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